About Us.

That’s what visitors will say after they see your home with our affordable, expert services. Available daily, weekly or monthly at competitive rates.


Meet Maelene

She started providing housekeeping service since 2018 until has become her passionate business with her loyal customers regularly calling her. Snowdrop is a white flower that resembles like a drop of snow which symbolises purity or pure. Pure is synonymous to clean, bright, authentic and natural.

Snowdrop Housekeeping uses only natural cleaning agents to achieve complete cleanliness of your home.

When a snowdrop blooms, it marks the start of springtime. Snowdrop Housekeeping want you to experience a spring fresh feeling all year round.

  • Vetted and background-checked professional
  • Trustworthy and Reliable
  • Friendly & have experience customer service
  • Creating a safe and healthy environment

We specialize In...


We'll give you space like never before


Sort, wash, dry, iron and fold

Deep Cleaning

Essential key to maintain your home


Arranging everything for peace of mind


Thorough glass cleaning of your mirrors


We will sweep, mop and vacuum for you

"Ohh Wow, I just got home and Maelene has done the most amazing job, bed linen changed, mail brought in, spotless house and even my towels straightened up on the towel rack. So grateful to come home to this, please tell her I said THANK YOU!"
Forest Hill, North Shore