Everything has a place

A clean home is very important for the health and well-being of your entire family and visitors. Messy house is a bad news , it increases your stress level. We’ll help you to put everything in place by saving your time, money and efforts.

  • Kitchen & Dining Areas: We clean & sanitise kitchen appliances
  • Bathroom & Toilets: We clean and sanitise including drain plugs, sinks, vanities, mirrors
  • Bedrooms: We dust all furniture and fixtures. Change your linens and make your beds.
  • Foyer & Lounge: General straightening up. Dust all furniture & fixtures
  • Laundry: We sort, wash, iron, dry and fold
  • Prepare & cook meals
  • Vacuum and mop all areas

We specialize In...


We'll give you space like never before


Sort, wash, dry, iron and fold

Deep Cleaning

Essential key to maintain your home


Arranging everything for peace of mind


Thorough glass cleaning of your mirrors


We will sweep, mop and vacuum for you


"They were extremely friendly, thorough and honest. They were very knowledgeable. They came on time and they were very punctual."
Simone Ackerman
Takapuna, North Shore